About Us

Harmonycanna was founded in 2016 by a group of health-conscious enthusiasts and we are committed to bringing you the highest quality CBD products to help you achieve balance, harmony and serenity in your life. Every one of our products undergoes rigorous testing in independent third party laboratories and must meet stringent quality and purity standards. We believe that nature’s natural power is boundless and, if harnessed in the right way, can help the body heal and function at it’s best!

Why Harmonycanna?

Harmonycanna offers TRUE FULL SPECTRUM CBD using a natural Low Pressure / Low Temperature Botanical Extraction Processing, delivering the natural components of the original plant in a live resin form and unaltered terpene profile.  The LP/LT method results in a non‐destructive natural botanical extraction process that preserves all beneficial cannabinoids which produces a natural and highly beneficial product that delivers!

1. Our products are high quality and consistent. We ensure consistency by using some of the highest quality standards during extraction and processing.

2. We use a revolutionary extraction method (Low Pressure/Low Temperature Botanical Extraction) that delivers the natural components of the original plant without the use of any additives or chemical solvents.

All‐Natural Botanical Extracted Full Spectrum Live Resin has all the natural beneficial components of the original plant. Harmonycanna’s Resin is produced using a non‐destructive natural botanical extraction process concentrating all the cannabinoids and unaltered terpene profile resulting in Natural Full Spectrum CBD Live Resin.

3.  Our TRUE Full-Spectrum CBD contains various beneficial molecules from botanicals. These molecules are referred to as terpenes. To meet a full spectrum extraction, this process must be able to operate across the entire range of temperature and pressure or you will be unable to capture all the potential terpenes from the cannabis flower. Terpenes alone offer superior medicinal value, think of eucalyptus oil for aroma therapy.