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Welcome to Harmonycanna

Through our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Harmonycanna offers a modern perspective on medicine and self care.  Harmonycanna is committed to your well being, nothing is more important to us than your health. Our products are never tested on animals, only our family and friends.

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How can CBD help you?




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Benefits of CBD

Relieves stress and
improves mood
Reduces nausea
and vomiting
Relieves chronic
and acute pain
Improves sleep
Alleviates skin
irritation and itching
Reduces joint pain
and inflammation
CBD provides many benefits to your health without any psychoactive effects.


I started taking CBD oil about two months ago to help with my insomnia. I would often wake up exhausted in the morning as I couldn’t fall back asleep at night when I’d wake up. The CBD has definitely helped me sleep better. Even when I wake up to visit the bathroom I am able to return to sleep and still have a good night of sleep. So happy to have found this!

I tried Harmonycanna’s 500mg tincture after trying a number of other brands to help me with my migraines and anxiety. Headaches went away and I feel much calmer and not as nervous as I was before on a daily basis.  Highly recommend giving this product a try!

Ordered a tincture with 250mg of CBD to help with slight anxiety and sleep issues and it works like a charm! I use about half a dropper twice a day and seems so much better than prescription meds that over time can cause harm or sleep aids that get you hooked.

I tried the CBD tincture and just within a couple hours I could feel a difference in my body and head. I felt so relaxed and even getting up for work this morning I didn't feel anxious and I slept well to. I found just what I was looking for - a natural and gentle, yet truly effective products.

I just grew tired of all the pain medications that were prescribe to me. I tried Harmonycanna’s CBD tincture (it was a gift) and I no longer have pain or rely on pain medication that, to be honest, had nasty side effects! All I can say, to those whom maybe considering the use of CBD, it works, try it

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